School Improvment

The Trust links with Aspire Teaching School who have a number of system leaders who support schools and academies from within the MAT and outside the MAT. Please our CPD offer.

Margot D'Arcy - External School Improvement

Margot is a highly experienced school inspector and trainer. She worked for Ofsted and has held senior management positions in schools and with the Centre for British Teachers (CfBT) which was the inspection service provider for the North West of England until July 2015. From September 2015, Margot has continued to work as an Ofsted inspector. She has an excellent knowledge of the inspection framework and Ofsted guidance. Margot has been leading inspections on behalf of Ofsted since 1997. She is a lead inspector of primary and nursery schools, has experience of inspecting international schools and leading inspections of schools in categories of concern. Margot joined CfBT as a Senior Managing Inspector in 2005 and was promoted to the role of Central Principal Inspector in 2008. During her time with CfBT, Margot performance-managed a large team of inspectors. She worked closely with Ofsted’s national training team to write and deliver numerous inspector training courses, including the Lead Inspector Training Programme and the New Inspector Training Programme. Margot has also worked as a local authority school improvement officer and mathematics adviser. Her research has focused on reading, critical thinking and philosophy for children. Her consultancy work with schools and local authorities has drawn successfully on her knowledge and expertise. This has included developing the leadership skills of governors, middle and senior leaders towards sharper self-evaluation to secure high-quality teaching and improved achievement. Margot’s particular areas of expertise are leadership and management, governance, English, mathematics and the Early Years.

Leah Charlesworth - School Improvement Partner

Leah has diverse and varied experience within the maintained and academy education sector spanning 22 years at local, regional and national level with over 15 years in executive positions. Her experience ranges from successful school leadership, leading a range of schools in challenging circumstances and through transformational leadership supporting them to improve significantly, to working within three different Local Authority teams. Leah is currently working at a national level with a range of schools and academies across both the primary and secondary phase, providing support, challenge and quality assurance for leaders. In addition, she delivers continuing professional development for leaders at all levels that supports them to build the foundations of outstanding provision. Leah is a designated National Leader of Education (NLE), having led two schools from categories of concern to Ofsted Outstanding, securing the latter as a Teaching School after leading the school from Special Measures to Outstanding within 17 months. As the Director of School Improvement and Director of the Teaching School for the 8th largest Multi Academy Trust in the country, Leah was instrumental in transforming school improvement strategy leading to securing significant improvements in pupil outcomes, narrowing gaps and improved Ofsted designations. Leah has played a key role in developing and implementing policies, liaising with DfE, RSC, Ofsted and other stakeholders and being responsive to Government policy, as well as leading on successful free school bids.

Annabel Berry - Safeguarding Lead

Annabel has worked in varied roles within Education since 2005.  She became Headteacher at Towngate Primary Academy as of September 2018, having previously worked as Assistant Principal with responsibilities ranging from leading British Values across school, English core subject lead, LAC teacher, Key Stage Two Coordinator and taking lead responsibility of Safeguarding compliance and training within the academy.  Annabel has taught in every key stage across school – leading to her well-rounded understanding of teaching and learning. Annabel firmly believes that by offering all pupils a broad and balanced curriculum, rich with opportunities to explore, challenge and achieve, pupils are equipped with the core tools to become lifelong learners. Annabel is passionate about embedding a ‘Values’ curriculum within the academy; she believes that when children can understand their own moral compass, they develop their resilience, empathy and tolerance for themselves and others.

Neil Stott - Data Protection Officer

Neil is an Independent Foster Panel Vice Chair, School Governor, Safeguarding Trainer, Independent Data Protection Consultant and Educational Consultant. He has a background in secondary education and has provided training for Schools, Local Authorities, the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust and led a Safeguarding briefing session at Pretoria University, South Africa with the National College of School Leaders. Neil has worked with several Multi Agency Groups to facilitate a range of training programmes and helped to launch Wakefield LA’s first online child protection training programme. Neil provides support and training on a range of Safeguarding & Data Protection issues to a number of settings.

SLE's Within Our Trust

Paula Gill

SLE Specialism - Assessment, Leadership of Curriculum, Art, Early Years, Phonics, PSHE, Behaviour & Discipline

Tim Downes

SLE Specialism - Early Years

Steven Walker

Specialism - Curriculum Leadership

Vikki Scott

Specialism - SEN

Victoria Jaques

Specialism - Leadership of Curriculum, ITT & NQT Development, Maths, MFL, Music

Jane Littlewood

Specialism - Early Year, Phonics

Adele Brown

Specialism - SEND

Paul Quarry

Specialism - English

Rachael Taylor

Specialism - Attendance, English, Early Years, Maths, Phonics

Danielle Sidebottom

Specialism - PE